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    Tour in Malaga with local friends

    Giulia & Sara

    From Italy

    "We've discovered the city and many authentic hidden places. Now we know a lot more about the Spanish culture. The companions were very friendly and generous. Thanks for the Flamenco show! :)"

    Tour in Malaga with local friends

    Elise & Warren

    From France

    "Awesome because we've chosen what we wanted to do and we were only the two of us with the companions, so we could ask all the questions we had :) Great experience to discover a city, its authenticity and hidden places in a friendly atmosphere. We definitely recommend it!"

    Tour in Malaga with local friends


    From Germany

    "Lots of interesting and very useful information! I loved it and I recommend it to each person who really wants to know more about the culture of the country they visit, in a friendly and light way!"

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  • Tour in Malaga with local friends

    Judith & Ivo

    From Cameroun

    "This experience has been really helpful for us to know the story of the city, the culture and many good tips. It would have been even better if we had met you guys since the 1st day of our trip! :) Thank you so much for what you do!" 

    Tour in Malaga with local friends


    From Netherlands

    "Very interesting information about the country, in a friendly and informal way. Had a great time! Many thanks!!"