• A private tour in Malaga with a local insider

    All you need to know about our private tours with locals in 10 questions

  • Discover the beauty of Malaga and its hidden treasures

    during a private tour with a local insider.

    Get immersed in the Spanish culture and enjoy Malaga like a local.

    Have you ever been in a new city wondering:

    "Where should we go?", "What are the best things to do/visit?"

    "What should we eat, avoiding the tourist traps?", "Where do locals eat the best typical dishes in the city?"

    And you don’t want to spend hours on the Internet or on guides to find the answers.


    If you’re visiting Malaga soon, we have the answers to all these questions.

    During a private tour, with a local insider, discover the hidden and authentic Malaga. Your local guide will tell you the best things to do and attractions. He/she will also give you all the practical info you need to make the most of your stay. But above all, you will get the best tips that only locals know.


    1. What is a private tour?

    By definition, a private tour is a tour that is run exclusively for you, your couple, family, or group of friends and nobody else. No strangers during the visit.

    For us, a private tour in Malaga is a bit more than that. 😊


    2. What is a private tour with a local insider from the Cooltoural team?

    A private tour with Cooltoural is:

    • Flexible

    You choose the day and the hour of the walking tour. You also choose the duration of the tour: 2h30 or 3h30.

    • Tailor-made with your tastes and interests

    Your local guide prepares for you a tailor-made tour with your interests. In other words, your local guide shows you things that you really enjoy. You’ll be given tips on activities you genuinely like.

    • Adapted to your rhythm

    Our goal is that you enjoy a 100% your visit. We take breaks whenever you want. If you want to stop to take pictures or buy a souvenir, we will do that. The tour is run just for you, so just enjoy it.


    Taking a private tour in Malaga with Cooltoural means “chill and enjoy”. 😊


    Private tours in Malaga with local insiders

    3. Why take private tours in Malaga with Cooltoural?

    Here are 7 reasons to take your private tour in Malaga with Cooltoural:

    1. It is run by a local insider who will prepare your tour just for you with your interests.
    2. The private tour is totally flexible (day, time, duration, at your own pace).
    3. You will get the practical info and best tips that only locals know.
    4. You will know when activities are free and know about the best things to do in Malaga.
    5. You save a lot of time and energy as you won’t spend hours on the Internet or tourist guides to find the best spots. Your local insider prepares everything for you. You just chill and enjoy.
    6. You save your money avoiding the tourist traps.
    7. We are rated 5 stars by our customers with a 100% satisfaction. Check out their feedback



    4. Why is a small group tour better than a big group one?

    A tour with a local insider and a small group of travellers (individual, couple, family, or group of friends) allows a real exchange.

    The local insider is more available for you than he/she could be with a bigger group of travellers. This way, he/she can easily answer your questions.

    The smaller the group is, the more customised the tour can be. As you can easily understand, it is more challenging to prepare a tailor-made tour for a group of 10 people.


    Finally, the private tour allows you to get a genuine conversation with your local guide and real human experience. You really get immersed in the culture and you’re not just one more tourist in Malaga.


    5. Who accompanies/guides you during this visit in Malaga?

    The local who will guide you is an insider in Malaga. The companion is a person who is enthusiastic, friendly, and professional. But above all, the local insider is a person who eagerly wants to show you the best of the city and its beauty.

    Far from the beaten tracks, you’ll be shown the authentic Malaga and its hidden treasures.

    Discover the city with the eye of a local, not a tourist!


    During your private tour, your local insider will tell you the funniest stories and customs. He/she will tell you about the best things you need to do in Malaga. But above all, you'll get the tips that only locals know.


    Customised walking tour with locals

    6. When is the best time to take the private tours in Malaga?

    We usually recommend to have your private tour at the beginning of your stay for 2 main reasons:

    • To have time to enjoy all the activities and spots that your local insider will show you in Malaga.
    • To avoid the tourist traps.

    The earlier you book your private tour in Malaga the best. This way, you will be sure to have availabilities during your stay.


    One of the best spots in Malaga

    7. How is your private tour prepared for you?

    Your private tour preparation follows 3 steps:


    1. You tell us about your interests and tastes. We call you before the visit to get to know you better. We will ask you questions about what you like most, your interests and give you suggestions.​​
    2. The local insider prepares the tailor-made tour just for you.
    3. You enjoy the city strolling around with your local insider during a 2h30 or 3h30-walking tour.


    8. What is the price of your private tour in Malaga with Cooltoural?

    The price of our private tours depends on:

    • The duration of the visit that you choose
    • The number of travellers
    • The age of the travellers

    You can check the price of our private tours in Malaga here.


    9. In what languages are our private tours done?

    The private tours can be done in:

    • English,
    • French,
    • Spanish,
    • Arabic.

    If you need it to be done in any other language, let us know by contacting us.


    Private tour with local insiders

    10. How to book your private tour?

    It is super easy to book your visit. You can:

    • Email us at info@cooltoural.net
    • Leave us a message on our website on that link: Book your private tour in Malaga
    • Leave us a message on WhatsApp or call us on that number: +34 691 47 93 73

    Once more, the sooner you book your private tour the better (for preparation and availabilities matters).


    See, discovering a new city doesn’t necessarily mean tourist trap. With our local insiders, you’ll discover the best of Malaga without spending hours on the Internet to get interesting info.


    Your local insider will prepare for you all the info you need to know. This way, you make the most of your stay and live Malaga like a local.


    We hope to see you soon. And if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help. 😊