• A cultural immersion

    during your tour with a local insider

    Why visiting Malaga when you could live it like a local?

  • Meet a local insider during a tour and
    discover the hidden and authentic Malaga.


    Who are the local insiders who will provide your tour?

    The local insiders preparing your tours are people who are in love with our beautiful Malaga. They are excited to show it to the world.

    Professional and friendly, they are also curious to know about other cultures and meeting travellers from all over the world.


    Our local insiders guide travellers in Malaga not because it’s their job. They do it because it’s their passion and they’re enthusiastic to do it. In fact, they are not necessarily touristic guides. They might be hairdressers, doctors or professors.


    But what is sure, is that they know a lot about Malaga and its hidden treasures.

    Travellers with a local insider during a tour

    What to expect from your local insider during the tour?

    The 5 benefits of a tour by a local insider

    1/ Discovering the authentic and hidden Malaga

    Far from mass tourism, the tour by a local insider has the ambition to make you see another perspective of Malaga. A perspective that regular tourists don’t get to see.


    You discover hidden treasures far from the beaten tracks and touristy spots. You get a real immersion in the culture.

    2/ A tailor-made tour

    Your local insiders provide a tailor-made tour for you: just you, your couple, your family, or your group of friends and nobody else.


    That allows them to customise the cultural immersion to your interests. The insiders talk about things you really enjoy and give you practical info about activities you like.


    A customised tour with a local insider

    3/ A real exchange and human experience

    The reduced number of travellers during the tour (just you or your group) allows a real exchange with your local guide. You can easily ask your questions and have genuine conversations with the insider.


    They guide you as if they were guiding their own friends or families, being available and giving you their best tips.


    They will introduce you to other local people during the tour. This way, you can exchange with them too and know better the Spanish culture, the customs and habits.

    Tour in Malaga with a local insider

    4/ Flexibility during the tour

    Your local guide doesn’t have a goal to finish a list of buildings you have to see. His goal is that you are 100% satisfied with your tour.


    That means that if you need to stop for a break, a coffee or to buy a souvenir, you’ll have the opportunity to do it.


    Your local insider goes at your pace.

    Meeting local people in Malaga for a tour

    5​/ Best tips that only locals know

    The local insiders give you during the tour, the best tips and show you amazing spots in Malaga:

    • Where to eat (best restaurants and tapas bars)
    • Where to go out depending on your tastes,
    • What to do depending on your interests, etc.


    With all this insiders’ practical info, you don’t have to spend hours on the Internet anymore. You enjoy the tour with your local insider and make the most of your stay with the good tips you got.

    Interested in that new generation of tours by local insiders? Book your cultural immersion!

    Private tours by locals in Malaga

    If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

    Photo by Priscilla Du Preez, Nathan Dumlao, Devin Avery and Helena Lopes on Unsplash