• Our principles, our values, our dream

    Making of each travel the opportunity to connect two worlds:

    Travellers and local people

    a private tour in Malaga with a local

    “Beauty lies in diversity”.

    It is one of our main beliefs.


    We believe that we can learn a lot from each other, learn about our cultures, our customs, our habits and our beliefs if we give ourselves the opportunity.

    a cultural immersion in Malaga by insiders

    Visiting Spain and Malaga

    To us, visiting a new country can be way more than just taking pictures of the touristic spots and eating in touristic restaurants.

    To us, visiting a new country can be the opportunity to meet locals, exchanging with them, knowing them better and discovering a whole new story that can’t be known in any other way.

    To us, visiting a new country can be above all a real immersion in its culture.

    a customised tour in Malaga with an insider

    A cultural immersion in Malaga

    The best way to learn and discover is to open up to this opportunity and get immersed in the culture.


    In Cooltoural, we have the hope and dream that through the private and customised visits made by locals, travellers discover a whole new dimension of Malaga and its stories.

    a human experience in Malaga: A traveller and a local insider

    A human experience, an exchange

    In this world where many things are automated and industrialised in the travel field, we want to give back a human dimension to your experience.

    This is why, our tours (or better said cultural immersions) are totally private (individual, a couple, a family or a group of friends and nobody else). Just you and your local companion.


    a tailor-made tour in Malaga by a local

    A tailor-made tour in Malaga

    We are all different and unique and have different tastes and interests. Then why would we all have the same tour?


    In Cooltoural, before meeting you, we ask you about your interests and tastes. The idea is to personalise, customize the experience and make a totally tailor-made tour just for you.


    Our local insiders will tell you the best stories and show you the most interesting spots depending on your tastes.

    Discovering Malaga with a local

    Travellers + Locals = Awesomeness

    Your local insider will show you the hidden treasures and you’ll see an authentic Malaga, not just a touristy one.

    This tour with a local is just like a walk you would have with a friend in Malaga. You will get the best tips and discover the hidden places that only locals know.


  • Join our community of believers in a new generation of visits in Malaga

    Open up and get immersed in the Spanish culture!