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How to get from Malaga airport

to the city centre?

The 3 easiest ways to get to Malaga city centre

Hey there almost on holiday?! Congrats! I’m sure you deserve them 😊 and you have chosen a great destination: the beautiful Malaga and Andalusia.

Sun, tapas, flamenco, dream beaches, nice hiking and olé💃!

So get ready there are many great things to see here. And don’t forget, if you want to discover the real & authentic Malaga, and its hidden treasures, our Cooltoural locals are here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us or book your cultural immersion. They’ll prepare the walk just for you and only you with a lot of love 🧡

Let’s get started because you want to leave your luggage somewhere to start enjoying your holidays.

So here are the 3 best ways to get to the city centre of Malaga (“centro de Málaga” in Spanish) from the airport (“aeropuerto” in Spanish – let me hear that Spanish “rrr”, yes you can😉).

1. Train (“El tren” in Spanish)

How to get from Malaga Airport to the city centre?

This is to me the best option when I don’t have too many pieces of luggage.

Duration: It is quite fast: 12 minutes from Malaga Airport to the centre.

Price: It is quite cheap too. The ticket costs 1,80€. You get your ticket at the vending machines that are at the entrance of the train station. You can pay by credit card or cash.

Location: The train station is just across the road when you get out of the airport.

The 1st train passes at 6:44 AM.

The last train passes at 00:54 AM.

Frequency: It passes every 20 minutes.

The train company is Renfe.

2. Bus (“El autobús” in Spanish)

Bus from Airport to Malaga city centre

This option, Express bus line A, can be interesting if you have many pieces of luggage as the bus has a storage compartment.

Duration: It can take around 20/25 minutes to get to the centre depending on the time of the day.

Price: The ticket costs 3€. You can get your ticket at the counter just in front of the airport exit (where you can pay with credit card or cash) or in the bus (only with cash).

Location: The bus station is just in front of the airport.

The 1st bus passes at 7 AM.

The last bus passes at 12 AM.

It passes every 20-25 minutes during rush hours.

The bus company is EMT.

3. Taxi (“El taxi ♪ ”, yes easy this one)

Taxi at Malaga airport

Did you know that the word taxi is spelled the same in at least 12 languages?! English, French, German, Swedish, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Portuguese, and Hungarian. Yes we love culture at Cooltoural :)

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Duration: It can take around 20/25 minutes to get to the centre depending on the time of the day.

Price: around 25 €.

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Enjoy your holidays! 🌞

Source: Renfe and EMT

Mona from Cooltoural