• Cooltoural: Local friends, friendly visits in Malaga. Private and totally customized tours, to show you the hidden treasures in Malaga.

    Malaga as a local

    Meet a local friend and discover the hidden treasures of Malaga

    The authentic Malaga

    A local friend shows you the soul of the city,

    no touristy stuff

    Private & customised

    The visit is prepared just for you

    with your tastes & interests

    Best tips from locals

    Get the locals' best practical info and live like them

  • Private tours with locals in Malaga

    Taking your holidays to the next level: an immersion in the culture.

    Cooltoural, customized and private tour with locals in Malaga


    Cooltoural helps you meet local people in Malaga.



    They show you the soul of their country, the authenticity, the hidden places and give you all the good tips to make the most of your holiday.

  • A totally private and customized tour just for you, with a local in Malaga

    During a friendly and totally personalized visit of 2h30 or 3h30-walk with a local insider,

    you know the best spots in Malaga and funniest stories about the city and its culture.

  • How It Works


    Before the tour,

    you tell us your tastes and interests

    With this info, your local friend prepares a totally personalised tour only for you.

    The tour is private just for you.


    Meet your local friend for a private

    cultural immersion

    Stroll around Malaga with your local insider who shows you the best spots & gives you great tips for the must-do activities.


    After the visit, enjoy your stay in Malaga like a local

    Make the most of your holiday with the best practical info that your local friend gave you and that only locals know.

  • Get immersed in the Spanish culture &...

    Spanish Food &

    amazing tapas​

    Depending on your tastes we show you the best restaurants in Malaga and give you recommendations on the typical Spanish dishes that you need to try. You will know more about a great variety of delicious culinary specialities!

    Best tapas in Malaga shown during a walk
    Top family and kids’ activities in Malaga

    Family & kids activities

    The tour is interactive for children. At the end of the visit, you'll know more about amazing activities for kids and families. As the tour is made only for you and your family, we take breaks whenever you or your children want to. Chill and just enjoy!

    Must do activities and best spots shown by your local friend

    Must do activities &

    best spots in Malaga

    Whether you are into architecture, culture, beach, hiking, classic art, contemporary art, etc. or all of them, will give you the best spots to enjoy your passions in Malaga as if you knew it like a local.

    ...Live like a local!

    Fascinating traditions & customs

    This unique experience with a local is a real immersion in the culture. You will be told the most fascinating curiosities and funniest stories about Spanish traditions and customs in Malaga.

    Fascinating traditions & customs in Malaga and Andalusia

    Authentic flamenco &

    top places to party

    To customize the tour to fit your interests, we ask you about your musical tastes: Flamenco, Rock, Salsa, Jazz, Electro, etc. to show you the best places to party, for concert & shows, or just chilling while listening to your favourite music.

    Authentic flamenco and best places to party in Malaga
    Practical information &  great tips for Malaga and Andalusia

    Practical information &

    great tips for Malaga and Andalusia

    During this private tour, the local will give you practical info and great tips for free activities, and amazing experiences that few travellers get the chance to discover.

    The visit is totally tailor-made for you and is a combination of thematics that interest you most.

    Don't hesitate to tell us more about what you like! Gastronomy, art, music, architecture, sport, beach, etc. You choose.

    Meeting Point: Plaza Marina, Malaga (Marina Square next to the fountain).

    The meeting point could be changed to better suit travellers needs if necessary and by prior arrangement.

    You could just visit Malaga or you could get

    a real cultural immersion and live it like a local. It's your choice!

  • Our philosophy

    A conviction:


    The beauty of our world lies in the diversity of its cultures and its people.

    We have a lot to learn from each other and share together.

    An objective:


    Making of each travel the opportunity to connect two worlds (travellers and locals),

    to allow a sharing, learning and a real immersion in a new culture.

    Don't just visit the touristic Malaga, discover the authentic and hidden Malaga with a local