• The FAQ about your private tour in Malaga

    All you need to know before starting your private tour in Malaga with a Cooltoural local

  • Best time to book a private tour in Malaga

    When is the best time to book my private tour?

    We would say the sooner, the better for different reasons.

    1. First, to be sure to have availabilities of our local insiders left to take you for the tour in Malaga.

    2. Second, to give us time to prepare the best tailor-made tour for you with your tastes and interests. We prepare for you, depending on your preferences, a list of good tips and great spots to visit. This way, you really make the most of your stay in Malaga.

    3. And finally, we would recommend scheduling the private tour at the beginning of your stay. This allows you to have time to explore and enjoy all the great spots shown by your local insider.

    Walking tour in Malaga

    How is the private tour made? By bus, by bike, walking? What is the duration of the tour?


    The private tour is a walking tour of the city centre of Malaga. As the tour is made just for you we stop whenever you want or need to and we go at your rhythm.

    You discover the hidden and authentic treasures in Malaga, during a 2 hours 30 or 3 hours 30 walk with a local insider.

    You choose the time, day and duration (depending on locals' availabilities).

    Coffee break during the private tour

    Are some breaks planned during the private tour?

    Yes, if you want to! 😊 We can plan a break in the middle of the tour. The tour is private and prepared for you with one main goal: offering you the best service we can.

    Anytime you need a coffee break, ask your local insider for it. Anytime you want to stop to take pictures or buy something, don’t hesitate to tell your local insider. You need to feel comfortable with that. 😊

    Kid friendly tour in Malaga

    Is the private tour recommended for kids / families?

    Absolutely! 😊 The tour is private, customized and prepared just for your family. We plan special games/guesses for kids to keep their interest and attention during the tour. During the visit, we recommend you a lot of nice activities for children in Malaga and the best tips to enjoy them.

    Private tour in Malaga with wheelchair

    Is this private tour wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, it is! 😊 We totally adapt the tour to your needs.

    Don’t hesitate to tell us in advance, if you have specific needs. We always do our best to please our travellers every day.

    Tour in Malaga rainy days

    Is the private tour maintained if it rains?

    Costa del Sol is known to have very pleasant weather with 300 days of sun a year. But if it rains, we still maintain the visit.

    Remember not to forget your umbrella. And if you forget it, don’t worry, we’ll stop in a shop for you to buy one. 😊

    In sunny days (the 300 others), don’t forget your bottle of water, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

    Tours in English in Malaga

    In which language can the tour be done?

    As the private tour is customized to your needs, it can be done in English, French, Spanish, or Arabic. Soon we will have more languages. But we hope one of these will suit you! 😊

    Meeting point for the private tour

    Where is the meeting point of the private tour?

    The meeting point is usually in Marina Square (plaza de la Marina) in the city centre of Malaga. If needed and with a previous agreement, it can be in front of your hotel (in the city centre).

    Car parks in Malaga

    Is there a car park close to the meeting point?

    Absolutely! Underneath plaza de la Marina there is a subterranean car park called “Aparcamiento Central” (Central Car Park). It is located in Plaza de la Marina, 5 - Malaga.

    Here is the Google Map. It has 440 spaces and is underneath the meeting point. It is the best place to park your car in Malaga before the tour.

    Private and customized tour with a local insider

    What is not included in the private tour?

    During the private tour, we won’t visit or enter any museum, Malaga Cathedral, Alcazaba, or Teatro Romano. But we will show you where they are if you want to. This way, you can come back to visit them after your private tour.

    If you decide to stop for a drink or a tapa, these are not included in the price.

  • If you have any other question, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help! 😊

    Photos by Victor Garcia, Icons8 team, Ben White, Deanna Ritchie, Raban Haaijk, Hannah Busing, Annie Spratt on Unsplash