• Do you recognize yourself in one of these?

    Bad Sleeping

    Low energy levels

    Struggling with objectives

    Feeling overwhelmed Stressed

    Feeling pain



    Poor nutrition

  • You have a desire to improve:

    Your health

    Physical, mental, and emotional.

    Your mood

    For yourself and your loved ones

    Your energy levels

    To make the most of your life personally and professionally

     Your discipline

    Because motivation won't always be here,

    good discipline will allow you to attain your objectives

    in any area of your life

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  • Why you want to work on your health now

    "Prevention is better than cure"

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    50% of us will develop a chronic disease

    Drugs for those diseases can have nasty effects

    • Headache, dizziness, hair loss

    • Digestive system problems, sexual, or skin problems

    • Feeling sick, muscle pain, memory loss, etc.

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    90% of our health determined by our environment

    And only 10% is determined by our genes

    • This means that we have quite a lot of control over our health, even if you might think you have "bad genes"

    • Genes load the gun, but it's the environment that pulls the trigger

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    A few well chosen habits can have a huge impact

    Simple adjustments today for a better future

    • The program is totally customized to your priorities and needs

    • We work together on baby steps that will lead you to huge improvements in the long run



    Creating and maintaining

    new habits



    Stress Management


    Physical Activity

  • I am Mona NASSEF, Doctor in Pharmacy and Health Consultant.

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      I discovered the hard way, that drugs are not always the best solution. Yes, I know it's not what a Pharmacist would usually say.


      Sometimes the change has to be deeper than just masking symptoms.

      Sometimes we need to take the time to understand what is going wrong in our lifes and solve the problem at the root cause of it. Switching off the symptoms is not a long term solution.


      Working on your health now, by implementing a few simple and healthy habits will make you save a lot of energy in the long run and avoid a bunch of troubles.

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      We scan together the different areas of your life and detect the priority points that can be improved


      A better version of yourself

      We determine together your objectives for

      a healthier life

      with different milestones


      A tailor-made program for you

      A step by step plan with tools, tips, techniques, and follow up sessions to help you attain a healthier life

    • A good decision today can have a huge impact on your future self

      What's your choice?

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