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Essential and basic Spanish vocabulary for your holiday in Andalusia

Expressions and words in a printable list!

Hey there, so this time and to facilitate your communication with the locals who don't speak English (yes Malaga is very close to perfection but not everyone speaks English here), we have prepared for you a list of expressions and words in Spanish that might be very useful during you stay in the beautiful Andalusia.

Be informed that our Cooltoural locals speak very good English and will be happy, during the customized visit to your interests, to also give you information on these words and expressions with the Spanish accent! 😊This is also one of the advantages of having a local friend for you and only you! 🌞

As a reminder, the walk is exclusively prepared and customized for you: you or your couple or your family or your group of friends.

In short with Cooltoural you are the king/queen of the world! 😊

Now let's get down to business, a little bit of Spanish vocabulary for your holidays.


Basic Spanish vocabulary for your holiday in Spain

Good morning / good afternoon: Buenos días (morning); Buenas tardes (afternoon); Buenas noches (night)

Hello / hi: Hola / buenas. These two are perfect because they are easy and you can use them at any time of the day.

Bye: Adiós, hasta luego – And if you want to say it with the accent from Malaga, a « ta luego » is even more local 😉

See you later / See you soon: Hasta luego or hasta pronto

See you tomorrow: Hasta mañana

Have a nice day: Buen día

Good night: Buenas noches


Thanks / Thank you very much: Gracias / Muchas gracias

You have to know that malagueños like to « eat » some letters or syllables.

So in the case of the thanks, you will often here in Malaga and Andalusia in general « gracia » instead of « gracias »

You're welcome: de nada or « de na » with the Andalusian accent

Please: por favor

You will also hear the contraction « por fa »; yes, when the weather is so hot you find any way to save energy 😎 😜

Giving an opinion

Essential vocabulary for your stay in Malaga, Andalusia

It's delicious / it's very good: Está muy rico 👌

It's very salty: Está muy salado

In that case too, people in Malaga like to give their personal touch: all the words that finish with « ado » have the « d » removed. It's very salty is often said « está muy sala’o »

It's very sweet: Está muy dulce

I don't really like it: No me gusta mucho

Money, money, money

The bill please: La cuenta por favor

How much is it? : ¿Cuánto es?

How much is it for an adult / a kid? : ¿Cuánto cuesta la entrada para adultos / niños?


An important point is that some stores close for a few hours from around 2PM to 5PM. No it's not for a nap, that's just a legend 😜💤

Morning / Midday / Afternoon / Night: Mañana / Mediodía / Tarde / Noche

At what time does the store open / close?: ¿A qué hora abre / cierra la tienda?

Yesterday / today / tomorrow: Ayer / Hoy / Mañana


We are going to Larios street: Vamos a la calle Larios

Where is the toilet? : ¿Dónde está el baño?

Where can I buy…? : ¿Dónde puedo comprar… ?

Where is the closest pharmacy? : ¿Dónde está la farmacia más cercana?

Where is the closest supermarket / market? : ¿Dónde está el supermercado / mercado más cercano?


Discovering Malaga during a walk with a local

I / you / he, she: Yo / tu / él, ella

We / you / they (masculine/feminine): Nosotros / vosotros / ellos, ellas

For your information, Spanish people don't often use the pronouns. Just to make a spicier 😜

A few words

Sun: Sol

Beach: playa

Flip-flops: chanclas

Swimming suit: bañador

Parasol: sombrilla

Sunscreen: protector solar

Ahhh holidays 🌴🍹

A few verbs

Basic vocabulary to order food in Malaga

Sunbathe / Dance / Visit / Sleep: Broncear / Bailar / Visitar / Dormir

Eat / Drink / Talk: Comer / Beber / Hablar

Eat tapas: Tapear – yes it is a real art and they invented a specific verb for it.

By the way during the visit we will give you all the good tips and best spots to eat delicious Spanish food or to "tapear", and that only locals know 😋

Book a totally customized visit with a local and if you have any question don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help!

Have a great holiday!😊

Mona for Cooltoural