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Fastest and cheapest way to go to Malaga from Granada

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So you have just visited the beautiful Granada and maybe even its incredible Alhambra (let’s admit it, a real masterpiece), and now you want to discover/visit Malaga. Here are all the practical information you need for this little trip from Granada to Malaga.

And don’t forget that our Cooltoural team of locals in Malaga remains at your disposal to show you the authentic Malaga and all its hidden treasures. The visit is prepared for you depending on your tastes and interests. It is done only for you (just you, or your couple, or your family or your group of friends). 😊

During the walk your local friend provides you advice, practical information, and many tips that only locals know. Don’t miss Malaga and book your Cooltoural and cultural immersion 😊 or contact us if you have any question.

Without further delay and as promised, here are all the info you need to arrive in Malaga.

The bus (“El autobús” in Spanish)

Bus from Granada to Malaga

Duration: It can take around 1h45 to 2h15 depending on the service (direct or not) and on the time of the day.

Price: The ticket costs between 11,41€ and 13,70€, but you can also have for some buses cheaper tickets that are either “Can change, but not cancel” ticket at 7,25€ or “No changes or cancellations permitted” ticket at 5,25€.

Where to buy your ticket? You can buy your ticket at the bus station but we recommend to buy them on the bus company website Alsa, because you’ll have easily all the options. It’s in English and you can have cheaper deals.

Location: The bus leaves from Granada bus station (“estación de autobús” in Spanish), 33 Juan Pablo II Avenue, and arrives at Malaga bus station.

Important information: Malaga bus station isn’t always the last stop. For some services the bus goes till Malaga airport, so be careful not to miss your station that should be “Málaga - estación de autobús” (Malaga bus station).

The 1st bus passes at 1.30 AM.

The last bus passes at 8.30 PM.

Frequency: There are over 10 services per day.

For more info check the timetables.

The train (“El tren” in Spanish)

Train from Granada to Malaga

One little comment: Of course you can get to Malaga from Granada by train. Prices are higher and the duration of the trip is longer than the bus, so it’s not the option we recommend if you want to make savings.

Nevertheless, for all the train lovers, 😊 we also give you here all the info you need.

Duration: It can take from 2h18 to 3h15.

Important information: There is no direct train from Granada to Malaga, so you need to get in a first train until Antequera (a city north of Malaga) and from there get in the second train that goes until Malaga.

Price: The ticket costs between 21,30€ and 37,50€ depending on the time of the day.

Where to buy your ticket? You can buy your ticket at the train station of course (paying in cash or by card) or online on the train company website Renfe or on GoEuro. On GoEuro you’ll also have the opportunity to see a comparative with the bus option.

Location: The 1st train leaves from Granada train station (20 Andaluces avenue, 18014) and arrives at Antequera San Ana train station. From there you’ll have the connexion until Maria Zambrano train station in Malaga.

The 1st train passes at 6.45 AM.

The last train passes at 8.57 PM.

Frequency: There are over 7 services per day.

Important information: There are some works on Granada train station so make sure to check that out before choosing the train option.

Hoping that this information will be useful, we wish you a very pleasant stay in Andalusia and we hope to meet you soon in one of our Cooltoural immersions😊

Mona from Cooltoural

Sources: Alsa, Renfe, GoEuro Websites.

Photos by Victoriano Izquierdo (Alhambra), Mario Calvo (train), Mike Kotsch (bus) on Unsplash