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Why you need to visit Malaga

if you haven’t done so yet?

10 reasons to visit Malaga and discover the great Andalusian culture

Holidays are coming soon and you haven’t decided yet where to go. Let us give you here, 10 reasons to visit the beautiful city of Malaga.

Maybe that will give you also ideas of things to do in the Andalusian paradise. Fasten your seat belt and let’s go!

1. Visit Malaga because it has amazing weather

Why visit Malaga - For its weather

One of the main reasons people visit Malaga is for its weather. How many days of sun does the Costa del Sol have per year?

Not 100, not 200 but 300 days of sun per year. What does that mean? It means that you can visit Malaga almost any time of the year being sure that you’ll have sunny days.

If you want to know about the weather in Malaga to prepare your visit check “Weather and forecast in Malaga

2. Visit Malaga for the amazing food you will taste

Why visit Malaga - For its gastronomy

If you decide to visit Malaga and enjoy trying new typical dishes, you will be very happy here. You will discover a wide range of traditional delicious dishes from Malaga, Andalusia, and Spain.

You can’t come to Malaga without trying all the healthy and savoury soups we have. Among them, you can try gazpacho, gazpachuelo, porra antequerana, or ajoblanco. If you want to know more about these typical soups check this post "Traditional delicious dishes you need to try in Malaga & the best spots to enjoy them".

The symbol dish in Malaga is “boquerones” (anchovies). You need to try them either in vinegar, with lemon, or fried. A star dish that you can enjoy on the beach is “fritura malagueña”. It is a mix of delicious fresh fish and seafood cooked with olive oil.

Visiting Malaga will also be the opportunity to try local products from Andalusia. The main local products are olive oil, almonds, figs, and olives. And of course, you can enjoy here other Spanish specialities. The typical ones are the famous “paella” and “tortilla de patatas”.

Here you can read more about “5 typical dishes you need to try in Malaga and best restaurants to taste them”. Bottom line, a visit to Malaga will also be a gift for your palate.

3. Visit Malaga to meet its friendly people

Compared to other countries or cities, people in Malaga are super nice, friendly, and welcoming. Even though their English isn’t the best in the world, they will try to help as best as they can.

They are in general very warm, social, and happy people. 300 days of sun per year could be the reason why. This is a major trend you will notice if you decide to visit Malaga.

And if you decide to book a cultural immersion with Cooltoural, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and talk with many locals. Your local insider will introduce you to local people from different walks of life, artists, and artisans. This way, you’ll know better the culture and discover Malaga through the local’s eyes.

4. Visit Malaga for its typical white villages

Why you need to visit Malaga - for its picturesque villages

One of the treasures in the Andalusian region is the little white villages. These typical picturesque villages can easily be visited if you stay in Malaga. They are often at around 1 hour away from the city centre.

They are full of delight and history. Visiting one of these Malaga jewels is a very good option if you want a calm, peaceful, and quiet day.

Among the many villages around Malaga, you can visit:

  • Frigiliana,
  • Mijas,
  • Ronda,
  • Sedella,
  • Álora.

5. Visit Malaga to discover its hidden treasures

We’ve seen that Malaga has little treasures all around, with its picturesque villages. But in the same city centre, there are amazing hidden treasures far from the beaten tracks.

Yes, Malaga isn’t only its Cathedral, Alcazaba, or Roman Theatre. Many spots worth visiting aren’t unfortunately marked on the tourist maps. This is where our Cooltoural team of locals plays a huge role.

They prepare for you a personalised cultural immersion. And they help you discover all these little treasures that classic mainstream tourists usually miss.

Interested in visiting Malaga far from the beaten tracks? Don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll love it!

6. Visit Malaga to discover its amazing history

Why visit Malaga - For its history

Malaga was marked by different cultures. First, the Phoenician in the 8th century B.C.

Then came the Romans, in the 3rd century B.C.

They were followed by the Arabs in the 8th century. They stayed in Spain for more than 7 centuries. Finally, in the 15th came the Christians.

Spain is marked by all these periods in its culture, language, and architecture. For example, as for the language, more than 4.000 Spanish words come from the Arabic language (among them: sugar, alcohol, blue, cotton, oil, olives, and olé!).

Regarding architecture, the most visited spot in Spain today is the Alhambra (Arab palaces from the 13th century). In Malaga from the period of the Arabic Islamic empire, you can visit the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro.

From the Roman era, you can visit the Roman theatre. And many Phoenician ruins are exhibited in the Malaga museum.

7. If you like hiking and nature visit Malaga!

Because of its geographical location, Malaga is a great place to practice hiking. All around the city, there is a huge number of places where you can enjoy a day in nature. There is a wide range of routes. You can choose between different levels, different lengths, and different types of routes (linear or circular). You will find for sure the best spot for you.

Here are some options you can visit close to Malaga:

  • El Torcal (close to Antequera),
  • El Río Chíllar (river close to Nerja),
  • El Barranco blanco (river close to Coin), and
  • Many others close to Canillas de Aceitunos village and Sedella village.

If you visit Malaga and don’t want to drive a lot, the closest is the “montes de Malaga” (Malaga mounts).

8. Visit Malaga for its culture

Why visiting Malaga - for its culture

In Malaga, we have more than 30 museums.

  • If you are into Contemporary and Modern art, you can visit the CAC (Contemporary Art Centre) or Pompidou Museum.
  • If you are into more classic art, Thyssen Museum or the Russian Museum can be good options to visit.
  • If you like cubism, you can’t miss visiting Picasso Museum.
  • If you like religious art, the Holy Week Museum is the one you need to visit.
  • You like vintage cars? Visit the Car Museum.

In short, for any taste or special interest, you’ll find a museum to visit.

9. Visit Malaga to visit other amazing cities

Visiting Malaga is a great opportunity to visit other amazing cities around. If you plan to stay in Andalusia for more than just a weekend, maybe you can plan to visit other beautiful places close to Malaga.

Among the best destinations around, you can visit:

You too can see an awesome road-trip here, right?

You could also visit Gibraltar in a day-trip. This is not part of the Spanish territory but it is still an interesting spot to visit. If you want to know more about Gibraltar, check out our post: "Awesome day-trip from Malaga: a visit to Gibraltar"

10. Visit Malaga to visit Morocco

Amazing spots close to Malaga Chefchauen

Once more, if you have long vacations, it can be an opportunity to visit more than Malaga. You can see and do many things in Malaga. But if you want to change the scenery for a few days, Morocco is just across the sea. And with the ferries, it is very fast and can be quiet cheap.

A must-do when you are on the other side is Chefchauen also called Chauen. In less than 2 hours from Tanger, you can visit this delightful little blue city.

And in less than 1 hour from Tangier, you can get to Asilah. Also located in the North of Morocco, it is another very beautiful spot to visit.

So are you seduced? Did all these reasons convince you to come and visit Malaga? We hope that they did and hope you found some helpful info here.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate we will be happy to help. Interested in visiting the authentic Malaga?

Book your cultural immersion with a local. Far from the beaten tracks, you’ll discover the hidden treasures in Malaga. And you’ll get the best tips and tricks that only locals know. Take your holidays to the next level contact us.